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2022 PDC Calendar

The 2022 PDC calendar will see over 150 days of darts played from January to October, including a return to a full programme of European Tour events and an expanded Women’s Series.


Following disrupted 2020 and 2021 campaigns, the European Tour will enjoy a return to 13 events across the continent in 2022, including first visits to Wieze in Belgium and Trier in Germany. Seven events will be staged in Germany, along with visits to Hungary, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Austria, while the year’s final tournament in Gibraltar will see a return to the Victoria Stadium.

An expanded PDC Women’s Series will see 20 events take place at venues in the UK and Germany, with places in TV events, including the 2022/23 World Championship on offer. The Challenge and Development Tours will each return to unified series’ of events featuring players from across the globe, having been split into regions due to travel restrictions in 2021.

Following the conclusion of the 2021/22 World Darts Championship, focus moves to the PDC Qualifying Schools, which will be held in the UK and Germany from January 9-15, with two stages of play taking place at each venue.Full entry details for the 2022 PDC Qualifying Schools will be published in due course.

2022 PDC Calendar January-October

SUN 9th – SAT 15th European Q-School Niedernhausen, Germany
SUN 9th – SAT 15th UK Q-School Milton Keynes, UK
FRI 21st – SUN 23rd Challenge Tour 1-5 Milton Keynes, UK
FRI 28th – SUN 30th The Masters Milton Keynes, UK
THUR 3rd Premiel League 1 Cardiff
SAT 5th – SUN 6th Players Championship 1-2 Barnsley
THUR 10th Premiel League 2 Liverpool
SAT 12th – SUN 13th Players Championship 3-4 Wigan
THUR 17th Premiel League 3 Belfast
FRI 18th – SUN 20th Development Tour 1-5 Wigan
THUR 24th Premiel League 4 Berlin
Fri 25th – SUN 27th European Tour 1 Riesa, Germany
THUR 3rd Premiel League 5 Exeter
FRI 4th – SUN 6th UK Open Minehead
THUR 10th Premiel League 6 Brighton
FRI 11th – SUN 13th European Tour 2 Hildesheim, Germany
SAT 12th – SUN 13th Womens Series 1-4 Barnsley
THUR 17th Premiel League 7 Nottingham
SAT 19th – SUN 20th Players Championship 5-6 Barnsley
THUR 24th Premiel League 8 Rotterdam
FRI 25th – SUN 27th European Tour 3 Weize, Belgium
THUR 31st Premiel League 9 Birmingham
FRI 1st – SUN 3rd Players Championship 7-9 Barnsley
FRI 1st – SUN 3rd Challenge Tour 6-10 Hildesheim, Germany
THUR 7th Premiel League 10 Leeds
SAT 9th – SUN 10th Players Championship 10-11 Barnsley
THUR 14th Premier League 11 Manchester
FRI 16th – SUN 18th European Tour 4 Munich, Germany
THUR 21st Premier League 12 Aberdeen
SAT 23rd – SUN 24th Players Championship 12-13 Wigan
THUR 28th Premier League 13 Dublin
FRI 29th – SUN 1st European Tour 5 Graz, Austria
SAT 30th – SUN 1st Womens Series 5-8 Wigan
THUR 5th Premier League 14 Glasgow
FRI 6th – SUN 8th European Tour 6 Leverkusen, Germany
FRI 6th – SUN 8th Development Tour 6-10 Wigan
THUR 12th Premier League 15 Sheffield
FRI 13th – SUN 15th European Tour 7 Prague, Czech Republic
THUR 19th Premier League 16 London
FRI 20th – SUN 22nd European Tour 8 Sindelfingen, Germany
THUR 26th Premier League Finals Newcastle
FRI 27th – SUN 29th European Tour 9 Zwolle, Netherlands
FRI 3rd – SUN 5th Development Tour 11-15 Hildesheim, Germany
MON 13th – TUE 14th Players Championship 14-15 Niedernhausen, Germany
THUR 16th – SUN 19th World Cup Frankfurt, Germany
SAT 25th – SUN 26th Womens Series 9-12 Barnsley
FRI 1st – SUN 3rd European Tour 10 Trier, Germany
FRI 8th – MON 11th Players Championship 16-19 Barnsley
FRI 15th – SUN 17th Challenge Tour 11-15 Hildesheim, Germany
SAT 16th – SUN 24th World Matchplay Blackpool
WED 3rd – FRI 5th Players Championship 20-22 Barnsley
FRI 19th – SUN 21st Development Tour 16-20 Hildesheim, Germany
THUR 25th – FRI 26th Womens Series 13-16 Hildesheim, Germany
FRI 2nd – SUN 4th European Tour 11 Budapest, Hungary
FRI 9th – SUN 11th European Tour 12 Jena, Germany
FRI 16th – SUN 18th World Series Finals Amsterdam, Netherlands
FRI 16th – SUN 18th Challenge Tour 16-20 Leicester
SAT 24th – SUN 25th Players Championship 23-24 Hildesheim, Germany
FRI 30th – SAT 1st Players Championship 25-26 Dublin
SUN 2nd – SAT 8th World Grand Prix Dublin
FRI 7th – SAT 8th Development Tour 21-24 Wigan
SUN 9th World Youth Championship L96 Wigan
FRI 14th – SUN 16th European Tour 13 Gibraltar
SAT 15th – SUN 16th Challenge Tour 21-24 Leicester
SAT 22nd – SUN 23rd Players Championship 27-28 Barnsley
THUR 27th – SUN 30th European Championship Dortmund, Germany
SAT 29th – SUN 30th Womens Series 17-20 Wigan


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