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PDC Calendar Updates

A number of amendments have been made to the PDC calendar in relation to ProTour events and European Tour Qualifiers.


The events which have been updated are
Monday May 9 (Wigan) – ET8-9 Tour Card Holder Qualifiers (1400 BST start)
Tuesday May 10 (Wigan) – Players Championship 14
Wednesday May 11 (Wigan) – Players Championship 15

Tuesday June 14 (Niedernhausen) – Players Championship 16 (1400 CET start)
Monday July 11 (Barnsley) – now ET10-11 Tour Card Holder Qualifiers
Wednesday August 3 (Barnsley) – is now Players Championship 21
Thursday August 4 (Barnsley) – is now Players Championship 22
Friday August 5 (Barnsley) – is now Players Championship 23
Friday September 30 (Dublin) – is now Players Championship 24
Saturday October 1 (Dublin) – is now Players Championship 25
Friday October 21 (Barnsley) – Players Championship 26

Alan Warriner-Little

Updated PDC Calendar March – October 2022


THUR 10th Premiel League 5 Brighton
FRI 11th – SUN 13th ET2 German Darts Championship Hildesheim, Germany
SAT 12th – SUN 13th Womens Series 1-4 Barnsley
THUR 17th Premiel League 6 Nottingham
FRI 18th ET 4-5 TCH Qualifier Barnsley
SAT 19th – SUN 20th Players Championship 5-6 Barnsley
THUR 24th Premiel League 7 Rotterdam
SAT 26th – SUN 27th Players Championship 7-8 Nierdernhausen
THUR 31st Premiel League 8 Birmingham


FRI 1st – SUN 3rd Players Championship 9-11 Barnsley
FRI 1st – SUN 3rd Challenge Tour 6-10 Hildesheim, Germany
THUR 7th Premiel League 9 Leeds
FRI 8th ET 6-7 TCH Qualifier Barnsley
SAT 9th – SUN 10th Players Championship 12-13 Barnsley
THUR 14th Premier League 10 Manchester
SAT 16th – MON 18th ET3 German Darts Grand Prix Munich, Germany
THUR 21st Premier League 11 Aberdeen
THUR 28th Premier League 12 Dublin
FRI 29th – SUN 1st ET4 Austrian Darts Open Graz, Austria
SAT 30th – SUN 1st Womens Series 5-8 Wigan


THUR 5th Premier League 13 Glasgow
FRI 6th – SUN 8th ET5 European Darts Open Leverkusen, Germany
FRI 6th – SUN 8th Development Tour 6-10 Wigan
MON 9th ET 8-9 TCH Qualifier Wigan
TUE 10th – WED 11th Players Championship 14-15 Wigan
THUR 12th Premier League 14 Sheffield
FRI 13th – SUN 15th ET6 Czech Darts Open Prague, Czech Republic
THUR 19th Premier League 15 London
FRI 20th – SUN 22nd ET7 European Darts Grand Prix Sindelfingen, Germany
THUR 26th Premier League 16 Newcastle
FRI 27th – SUN 29th ET8 Dutch Darts Masters Zwolle, Netherlands


FRI 3rd – SAT 4th US MASTERS New York, USA
FRI 3rd – SUN 5th Development Tour 11-15 Hildesheim, Germany
FRI 10th – SAT 11th NORDIC  MASTERS Copenhagen, Denmark
MON 13th Premier League Finals Berlin
TUE 14th – WED 15th Players Championship 16-17 Niedernhausen, Germany
THUR 16th – SUN 19th WORLD CUP Frankfurt, Germany
SAT 25th – SUN 26th Womens Series 9-12 Barnsley


FRI 1st – SUN 3rd ET9 European Darts Matchplay Trier, Germany
FRI 8th – SUN 10th Players Championship 18-20 Barnsley
MON 11th ET 10-11 TCH Qualifier Barnsley
FRI 15th – SUN 17th Challenge Tour 11-15 Hildesheim, Germany
SAT 16th – SUN 24th WORLD MATCHPLAY Blackpool


TUE 2nd ET 12-13 TCH Qualifier Barnsley
WED 3rd – FRI 5th Players Championship 21-23 Barnsley
FRI 12th – SAT 13th QUEENSLAND MASTERS Townsville, Australia
FRI 19th – SUN 20th NSW MASTERS Wollongong, Australia
FRI 19th – SUN 21st Development Tour 16-20 Hildesheim, Germany
FRI 26th – SAT 27th NEW ZEALAND MASTERS Hamilton, New Zealand
SAT 27th – SUN 28th Womens Series 13-16 Hildesheim, Germany


FRI 2nd – SUN 4th ET10 Hungarian Darts Open Budapest, Hungary
FRI 9th – SUN 11th ET11 German Darts Open Jena, Germany
FRI 16th – SUN 18th WORLD SERIES FINALS Amsterdam, Netherlands
FRI 16th – SUN 18th Challenge Tour 16-20 Leicester
FRI 23rd – SUN 25th ET12 Belgium Darts Open Wieze, Belgium
FRI 30th – SAT 1st Players Championship 24-25 Dublin


FRI 7th – SAT 8th Development Tour 21-24 Wigan
SUN 9th World Youth Championship L96 Wigan
FRI 14th – SUN 16th ET13 Gibraltar Darts Trophy Gibraltar
SAT 15th – SUN 16th Challenge Tour 21-24 Leicester
FRI 21st – SUN 23rd Players Championship 26-28 Barnsley
THUR 27th – SUN 30th EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP Dortmund, Germany
SAT 29th – SUN 30th Womens Series 17-20 Wigan


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