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I have been playing darts for several years now and have been sharing what I learned on DartHelp.com ever since. Realizing Dart Help mostly focuses on that player, having fun, and improving performance, I thought a new platform to cover all things “pro darts” would be helpful. And so DartWeek was created.

Whether you subscribe to our weekly darts newsletter or just visit from time to time to get your darts news fix. I hope that we can become a go-to resource for all fans of the game.

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John DeQuadros boasts a distinguished career as a seasoned toy photographer and pop culture writer, amassing over two decades of expertise in the industry.

With a fervent passion for collecting and a deep-rooted connection to retro gaming, his prolific portfolio has garnered recognition through esteemed outlets such as StarTrek.com, 8-Bit Pickle, ToyTales, Smarter Than Jack, Kaiju Ramen Magazine, ToyCollectr, and Retro Format Magazine on an international scale.

Notably, DeQuadros has cultivated collaborative relationships with prominent entities including Diamond Select Toys, Hasbro, Mattel, McFarlane Toys, Mego, NECA, Panda Mony Toys, among others.

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