This Week In Darts – 29th of December 2023

Tournament Upsets

Gerwyn Price's Shocking Exit

Gerwyn Price, one of the favorites for the World Darts Championship, faced a surprising defeat against Brendan Dolan. This outcome was a significant upset in the tournament, as Price was widely expected to progress further.

Dolan’s victory showcased his exceptional skills and strategic gameplay, which allowed him to outperform Price. The result not only shocked fans but also reshaped the dynamics of the championship, leaving the door open for other contenders to make their mark.

This is a reminder of the unpredictability and competitive nature of professional darts​.

Equipment and Gear

Luke Humphries' Unfortunate Mishap

In a bizarre and unexpected turn of events, Luke Humphries experienced a technical difficulty when his dart point broke just before his match at the World Darts Championship.

This incident added a layer of drama and challenge to the competition. Humphries, known for his composure and skill, had to quickly adapt to this unforeseen situation, showcasing the importance of resilience and mental strength in professional darts.

Such incidents, while rare, highlight the physical demands and precision required in the sport

Player Conduct

Scott Williams' Controversial Joke and Apology

Scott Williams came under scrutiny for a controversial joke he made related to World War, following his win over Martin Schindler. The incident brought attention to the importance of sportsmanship and the impact of players’ comments off the oche.

Williams later issued an apology, acknowledging the sensitivity of the subject matter and the need for respectfulness in the sport. This scenario underlines the broader responsibilities of professional athletes in terms of public conduct and the impact of their words beyond the game.

Player Mindset

Stephen Bunting's Underdog Spirit

Stephen Bunting, facing off against the formidable Michael van Gerwen, expressed a sense of confidence and freedom, stemming from his underdog status.

Bunting’s mindset going into this match was one of having nothing to lose, which can often free a player from the pressure of expectations.

His attitude and approach to the game against van Gerwen, one of the sport’s titans, demonstrated the psychological aspects of darts, where mindset and mental fortitude can play a crucial role in a player’s performance

Match Highlights

Michael van Gerwen's Commanding Performance

Michael van Gerwen’s performance at the World Darts Championship was nothing short of dominant. His focus, sharpness, and strong will to win were evident in his gameplay.

Van Gerwen’s ability to put his opponents under pressure and his statement about not caring who he plays reflected his confidence and competitive spirit.

His performance serves as a testament to his status as one of the top players in the sport, demonstrating the high level of skill and mental toughness required to succeed at the highest levels of professional darts.

Rising Stars

Luke Littler's Record-Breaking Achievement

Luke Littler, at just 16 years old, made history by becoming the youngest player to reach the last 16 at the World Championship. His remarkable performance, which included a magnificent 130 checkout, showcased his extraordinary talent and potential in the sport.

Littler’s achievement is a significant milestone in his career and points to a bright future ahead. His rapid rise in the sport is a testament to the evolving landscape of professional darts, where young talents are emerging and making their mark on the world stage

Player Perspectives

Ross Smith's Confident Outlook

Ross Smith, after securing a victory in his opening match at the World Darts Championship, shared his optimism about his chances in the tournament.

Smith, who has not progressed beyond the third round in previous championships, believes in his ability to win the Sid Waddell Trophy.

His confidence is bolstered by a successful season on the ProTour, where he claimed several titles. Smith’s attitude and belief in his abilities underscore the importance of self-confidence and ambition in achieving success in professional darts.


Steve Beaton's Retirement Plans

Steve Beaton, a veteran of professional darts, announced his intention to retire at the end of the 2024 season, following over 30 years in the sport.

This decision comes despite a strong start to 2023, which saw him qualify for major tournaments and retain his Tour Card. Beaton, known as ‘The Bronzed Adonis,’ is competing in his 33rd consecutive World Championship, highlighting his incredible longevity and dedication to the sport.

His planned retirement marks the end of an era in professional darts and underscores the physical and mental demands of competing at the highest level over several decades.