This Week In Darts – 5th of January 2024

Championship Highlights

Luke Humphries Claims Top Spot

Luke Humphries’ ascent to the world number one spot following the World Darts Championships has been a significant development in the sport.

His exceptional performance throughout the tournament has been rewarded with this prestigious ranking, indicating a shift in the hierarchy of professional darts.

Humphries’ rise to the top is seen as a symbol of the changing guard in the sport, where new talents are emerging to challenge the established stars.

Rising Stars

The Making of a Darts Superstar

Luke Littler’s journey in the world of professional darts is both inspiring and remarkable. Starting from an incredibly young age, Littler’s passion for darts was evident.

He was already emulating the celebrations of darts legends like Raymond van Barneveld and Phil Taylor at just 18 months old. His early exposure to the sport was not just through watching but actively participating, as he played on a proper board from the age of four or five.

His dedication and commitment to the sport grew as he aged, with his skills sharpening significantly between the ages of seven and eight. This period of intense practice and learning was crucial in laying the foundation for his future success.

Littler’s early start and rapid development in the sport have been a major talking point, as they highlight the importance of early exposure and dedicated practice in reaching elite levels in sports like darts. His story is a testament to the impact that early passion and dedication can have on a young athlete’s career.


Michael van Gerwen's Unexpected Departure

In a surprising turn of events, Michael van Gerwen’s journey in the World Darts Championship came to an early end. Known for his remarkable skill and ability to win even on off days, van Gerwen’s exit marked a significant moment in the tournament.

This unexpected development has sparked discussions about the evolving competitive landscape in professional darts, where even established champions are not immune to upsets.


The Controversial Showman: Luke Littler's Bold Move

Luke Littler’s decision to consult the audience during a critical 170 checkout in a match has sparked a debate between sportsmanship and entertainment in darts.

While some fans and players viewed it as a display of overconfidence and disrespect to his opponent, others saw it as a refreshing display of charisma and entertainment value in the sport.

This incident has highlighted the diverse perspectives on player conduct and the evolving nature of professional darts as both a competitive sport and a source of entertainment.

Player Interviews

Gerwyn Price's Surprising Premier League Lineup Choices

Gerwyn Price, a prominent figure in the darts world, recently revealed his picks for the Premier League Darts lineup, surprising many with his selections.

Price’s choices, which diverged from the expected lineup, have been a topic of speculation and analysis.

His strategic approach to team composition and the potential impact on the league’s dynamics have become a focal point of discussion among enthusiasts and experts.

Player Focus

Dimitri Van den Bergh: Impressed by Luke Littler

Dimitri Van den Bergh, a notable player in the darts circuit, has expressed his high regard for the young prodigy, Luke Littler.

Van den Bergh’s praise for Littler’s skills and his prediction of Littler’s potential dominance in the sport have added credibility to the growing buzz around the young player.

This endorsement from a respected player like Van den Bergh underscores Littler’s impact on the sport at such a young age.