This Week In Darts – 12th of January 2024


Sky Sports' Record Darts Audience

The 2024 PDC World Darts Championship final wrote a new chapter in the history of professional darts by scoring the highest-ever non-football audience for Sky Sports.

This historic event, which saw Luke Humphries triumph over the prodigious talent of 16-year-old Luke Littler, captivated an astonishing audience of over 4.8 million viewers in the UK. The match not only set a new viewership benchmark for darts but also showcased the sport’s growing popularity and mainstream appeal.

The final’s record-breaking viewership, a 143% increase from the previous year, is a testament to the evolving public interest in darts.

The enthralling contest between Humphries and Littler, coupled with the high stakes of the world championship, provided a gripping spectacle for both long-time fans and newcomers to the sport. This surge in viewership also reflects the effectiveness of the Professional Darts Corporation’s efforts to elevate the sport’s profile and reach a broader audience.

The social media engagement surrounding the event was unprecedented, with millions of video views across various platforms, underlining the modern, digital-first approach to the sport’s promotion.

The 2024 PDC World Darts Championship final not only provided a thrilling sports experience but also demonstrated the potential of professional darts to become a leading global sporting event


Premier League Darts 2024: New Excitement

The Premier League Darts 2024 is set to be a highly anticipated event, running from February to May.

The tournament, which has been a staple in the darts calendar since 2005, features a unique format where each night becomes a mini-tournament.

This year’s line-up includes stars like Luke Humphries and Luke Littler, adding to the excitement.

The inclusion of Littler, the youngest-ever World Championship finalist, is particularly notable, as he will become the youngest contestant in the Premier League’s history.

This tournament not only showcases the best of professional darts but also highlights the sport’s evolving nature, constantly adapting and innovating to maintain its appeal to a global audience


Pietreczko and Eko Fresh Win Promi-Darts Championship

Ricardo Pietreczko, alongside rapper Eko Fresh, claimed victory at the Promi-Darts World Championship in Düsseldorf, adding an entertaining twist to the professional darts scene.

This event, which pairs celebrities with professional darts players, not only offers a unique format but also serves to broaden the appeal of darts beyond its traditional fan base. Pietreczko’s triumph in this championship is a testament to his skill and adaptability in different competitive formats.

The Promi-Darts World Championship represents a creative approach to popularizing the sport, engaging a wider audience through the involvement of well-known personalities from different fields


Steve Lennon & Martijn Dragt's PDC Tour Card Triumph

In the world of professional darts, securing a PDC Tour Card is a coveted achievement, signifying a player’s entry into the elite ranks of the sport.

The 2024 PDC Qualifying Schools witnessed a remarkable moment as Steve Lennon and Martijn Dragt emerged as the first recipients of the prestigious Tour Cards. Lennon, regaining his card at the UK Q-School, and Dragt, marking a sensational comeback at the European Q-School, demonstrated not only their exceptional skill but also their resilience and determination in the fiercely competitive arena.

Lennon’s swift return to the PDC circuit after losing his Tour Card showcases his unwavering commitment and ability to perform under pressure. His journey is a compelling narrative of redemption and perseverance in professional sports.

On the other hand, Dragt’s incredible comeback story at the European Q-School is an inspiring tale of an underdog triumphing against the odds, highlighting the unpredictable and thrilling nature of darts.

Their success at the Q-School is not just a personal milestone but also a moment of significance for the sport, as it brings fresh talent and narratives to the forefront, ensuring a vibrant and evolving competitive landscape.


Brendan Dolan's Praise for Luke Littler

Following his remarkable run in the World Darts Championship, young Luke Littler received high praise from seasoned darts player Brendan Dolan.

Dolan’s commendation of Littler’s performance in their quarter-final clash at the World Championship highlights the respect and admiration Littler has earned from established players.

Dolan’s recognition of Littler’s potential and his achievement in the tournament adds to the youngster’s growing reputation in the sport.

This interaction between the seasoned professional and the rising star underscores the spirit of mentorship and camaraderie that exists in professional darts, fostering a supportive environment for emerging talents like Littler​​.


2024 Bahrain Darts Masters Field Confirmed

The 2024 Bahrain Darts Masters, set to take place on January 18-19 at the Bahrain International Circuit, marks a significant expansion in the global footprint of professional darts.

This event, part of the World Series of Darts circuit, is a notable addition to the darts calendar. It features a 16-player field comprising eight PDC representatives, including Luke Humphries, Michael van Gerwen, and Michael Smith, and eight Asian representatives like Lourence Ilagan and Haruki Muramatsu.

This competition not only showcases the top talents in darts but also provides a unique platform for Asian players to compete against some of the best in the sport. With tickets currently on sale, the event is expected to draw significant local and international interest, reflecting the growing popularity of darts worldwide​​.